Sunday, March 17, 2013

Jerusalem and the Temple

Outside the walls of the old city of Jerusalem. The Dome of the Rock. This is what everyone is fighting about. This Mosque contains the rock on Mt. Moriah where Isaac was to be sacrificed by Abraham. The Muslims believe it is where Mohammed was brought back into Heaven after his ministry. They also believe that Ishmael was the one that was to be sacrificed on this rock. The last pictures are of the wailing wall. This is the last standing wall of Solomon's temple. The people put little papers in the cracks of the temple wall with names of people who are in need or are sick. We were overcome as we experienced the temple worship of these Jewish women at the wall of the temple. Rachel came to me while we were watching and had tears in her eyes as she said "Mom, I feel so sorry for these people". I asked her why. She said "Mom we have a temple and they don't" These people so desperately want a temple. We feel so blessed to have the ordinances and covenants of the temple today. We didn't truly understand our blessings quite so obviously until we experienced this time at the wailing wall.